Home Watch

Treasure Coast Guardian Home Watch started our business on the idea of neighbors helping neighbors. Seasonal residents themselves, our founders realized the need for having people you can count on to make sure your property is safe and in good shape, Just as you left it!

Guardians are just that! A Business comprised of individuals you can count on while you are away. Here are some of the services that we offer to our clients.

Interior of Home

•   Ensure that A/C is at proper temp
•   Ceilings/Walls (Water Damage)
•   Ant/termite signs
•   Smoke and CO2 detectors operational (test)
•   Check all drains, toilets, and faucets for leaks
•   Check hot water heater
•   Washer and dryer operational
•   Home lighting on timer
•   Unusual odors
•   Humidity check (test)
•   Refrigerator/appliances working properly
•   Interior locks operational
•   Screen and shutters inspection
•   Ensure that A/C is at proper temp
•   Change A/C Filters
•   Home/office technology solutions

Exterior of Home

•   Doors and windows secured
•   Locks Integrity inspection
•   Animal, rodent, or Insect intrusion
•   Weather Damage
•   Unreported Vandalism
•   Coordinate landscape services
•   Mail pick-up and forwarding
•   Remove unwanted entry solicitations
•   Check all outside water sources for leaks
•   Irrigation system working properly
•   Pools/hot tubs operational